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Daniella Cortez is a strategic communications and brand development enthusiast 

strategic communications

I help brands tell their story, authentically and strategically. 

I work with companies, thought leaders, and marketing teams to maximize their messaging initiatives with strong social and public relations efforts, using the power of their own brand narrative. My natural storytelling abilities, combined with a decade of multidisciplinary writing experience, create content that bridges the gap between public relations and digital strategies. 

content + storytelling

I'm an experienced writer and content strategist with more than a decade of industry experience writing and strategizing for print, web, and social media. I've worked with large digital marketing agencies, managed an in-house marketing, social media, and PR department at a whiskey distillery, and did some time behind the editor's desk of a local newspaper in my hometown. I've launched social media channels and activated digital-only campaigns. I've been the head of the content department at a full-service marketing and creative agency, overseeing six direct reports. I've managed the brand communications strategy and execution of more than 20 clients, from retail, hospitality, higher education, and healthcare to manufacturing and civil rights attorneys.  

Most recently, I launched and led global employer brand efforts at an enterprise-level ed-tech company with locations in the United States, Ireland, and India. 


I have a strong background in multidisciplinary communications, but I consider myself a very digital-forward practitioner. I’m invigorated by how the brand communications field is enhanced and expanded with the popularity of social media, digital marketing, and influencer relationships. I consider myself an agile writer able to communicate in any medium.


I believe in servant leadership, love the thrill of a small “gotta get it done” startup mentality, and have spent the bulk of my career growing into new aspects of a role regardless of what industry I’m in.

Portfolio: Strategy, Samples, Efficacy


Employer Brand

Press Release Sample

Brandon Davis Case

Justice for Casey Goodson

Public relations + social media strategy on behalf of family of Casey Goodson Jr.

Public Relations for Golden Rule Charity

Public Relations and Social Media Campaign for Golden Rule Charity

Marketing And PR Strategy Sample

Blind Copy of Healthcare Marketing and PR Strategy

Brand Guide Sample

Brand Guide and Strategy for Handheld Handmade

Social Media Report

Example of metrics for social media campaign

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